General inspection and emission test

Professional general inspection and exhaust emission test

When your car is next due for its two-yearly official general inspection and exhaust emission test, we can perform all the necessary work. And if you want, we will check your vehicle beforehand to rectify any possible defects.

  • Combined general inspection and exhaust emission test
  • The quick and easy way to your test sticker
  • Test and measurement protocols for all maintenance work performed
Every two years

Both general inspections and exhaust emission tests are performed all year round at Bosch Car Service workshops. These are prescribed by law every two years. The exhaust emission test is performed first. The purpose of this is to measure the pollutant emissions of your vehicle to check whether they are within the legal limits. This is then followed by the general inspection, which involves an independent expert checking the safety of your vehicle and awarding the corresponding sticker if the results are satisfactory.

The quick and easy way to your test sticker

Bosch Car Service workshops perform combined general inspection and exhaust emission testing in accordance with the legal requirements. To avoid unnecessary environmental impact, our trained personnel always makes use of the latest test equipment from Bosch. And on completion, we will of course give you all the test and measurement protocols for the maintenance work performed. What's more, we closely cooperate with official supervisory organizations such as TÜV, GTÜ, FSP, DEKRA and KUS.

Basic check for greater safety

The good news first: The number of people killed in traffic accidents is steadily declining. And now the bad news: There are serious faults in 20% of all the vehicles on the road. The inexpensive basic check from Bosch Car Service provides reliable information on whether or not your vehicle is completely roadworthy. This can not only prevent accidents but also helps you to avoid fines and expensive repair work. You should nevertheless always keep an eye on the regular maintenance intervals, as only an expert can tell where potential hazards may lie.

Our expert advice

Did you know? General inspection and exhaust emission testing are prescribed by law every two years for passenger cars. New cars have to be tested for the first time after three years. To ensure you have no trouble obtaining the test sticker for your car, we recommend preliminary checking at one of the Bosch Car Service workshops, where our experts will take a look at your lights and brakes for example and rectify any obvious shortcomings.