Tire Service

Tire fitting

The fitting of new tyres over the rims of your vehicle requires great care and precision: From pulling off the old tyres without damaging the rims, to fault-free fitting, up to balancing, so that your vehicle does not wobble. Lastly, the experts at Bosch Car Service take care of the reliable testing and programming of the tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). The staff of your Bosch Car Service support you even in the selection and purchase of new tyres for your vehicle.

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Where to put the second set of tyres? Your Bosch Car Service takes over the storage of second set of tyres for you. The tyres are stored under optimal conditions and are thoroughly cleaned on request. And on your next appointment for wheel change, your tyres are already there on the spot.

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Tyre storage

Wheel change

The timely change of summer tyres to winter tyres is important for every vehicle owner: With the right tyres you are on the road safely, and can avoid unnecessary wear. The professional wheel change at your Bosch Car Service guarantees maximum safety.

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