Tyre Storage

Tyre storage

Where to put the second set of tyres? The space in the garage and basement is limited and proper storage of tyres is important in order to maintain their safety and their quality until the next season. Moreover, transporting regularly for wheel change is a strenuous and messy job.
Your Bosch Car Services takes over the storage of the second set of tyres for you. Your tyres are stored under optimum conditions and prior to storage they can be thoroughly cleaned on your request. The additional advantage of this is: On your next appointment for wheel change, your tyres are already available on the spot.

  • optimum storage conditions
  • no risk of damage due to storage
  • no more transporting of tyres
Putting away carelessly will come back to haunt you

They like it dry, dark, cool, and only moderately ventilated: In the months when the summer or the winter tyres are not needed, they should be stored well. Improper storage can damage the rubber compound or even distort the rim.
You can simply avoid this by using the Storage Service of Bosch Car Service. Those who prefer to store their wheels at home, should follow some basic rules: Complete wheels can be stored hanging, from special tyre hooks, on the garage wall, or lying on a wheel rack. Simple stacking on the floor can however be dangerous. Since the surface is not straight and flat, it is possible that the rims may get damaged due to the dead weight of the wheels.
Great caution should be exercised even when cleaning the tyres: The water jet of a high-pressure cleaner must not be directed from a short distance for too long on one point of the tyre. As the temperature in the tyre material increases due to the impact. The rubber forms small bubbles and loses strength.

Our Expert Tip

Regular vehicle checks are worth it and the wheel change is the best opportunity for it: Once the wheels are unscrewed, the mechanic can easily checks even the condition of the brakes. Additional alignment and readjustment of the axle parts of the vehicle also prevents the tyres from being worn on one-side or unevenly. And before the wheels are fitted, it can be checked with only a few simple steps, whether the wheels need to be rebalanced.